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Ductless Air Conditioning | Roanoke Va

Indoor LG Ductless Air Conditioning Roanoke VA

Indoor LG Ductless Air Conditioning | Roanoke VA

Greenway Energy Management Services provides a range of heating and cooling solutions for Ductless Air Conditioning in Roanoke VA, Salem VA and surrounding areas. Ductless Air Conditioning systems are cost-efficient, quiet and attractive. A ductless air conditioning system is a smart alternative to both central HVAC and window mounted air conditioners. They are also available in a variety of configurations to suit different cooling and heating situations, such as sunrooms, server rooms, or any other room that needs “extra” heat or cool air.

Here are the Top 3 additional Benefits of the LG Ductless Air Conditioning:

LG Ductless Air Conditioning Systems are Affordable, Economical and Quiet
Because energy is lost forcing air through ductwork which can result in losses up to 15-20%, duct- free systems are more efficient than comparable ducted systems. There are no compressors in, or directly above, the conditioned space; and there is none of the noise usually generated by air being forced through ductwork. Indoor units are whisper-quiet, and outdoor units satisfy sound level ordinances.

LG Ductless Air Conditioning Systems are Aesthetically Pleasing

LC Ductless Air Conditioning | Roanoke VA

LC Ductless Air Conditioning | Roanoke VA

There are many different LG Ductless Air Conditioning System models available, all in a range of neutral colors to match or blend with any decor. The LG ART COOL MINI-SPLIT SINGLE ZONE, for example, is a slim, contemporary style model that comes with a frame so the customer can modify and personalize the unit with their own artwork or photography – the ultimate in custom
design. Other indoor units are available in popular finishes and colors to compliment any décor.

LG Ductless Air Conditioning | Roanoke VALG Ductless Air Conditioning Systems are Environmentally Friendly 

LG air conditioners are environmentally friendly and future-oriented. To reduce Freon gas, a prime ozone destroyer, they adopt alternative refrigerant R-410A, and neo plasma air-purifying system for powerful sterilization for health-conscious customers.  

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Are you looking for a ductless air conditioning system in Roanoke VA, Salem VA or surrounding VA areas?
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