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Home Air Conditioning Repair | Salem VA

Wow! Its summertime again and the heat is on full force. Air conditioning is a very serious matter and needs to work properly when temperatures are on the rise. If it isn’t working properly, not only will you and your home suffer from heat, but the unit will just be running up your electric bill. If your Home Air Conditioning Unit is not working, or needs to be checked, please contact us. Just like automotive repair issues, if let alone, a small problem can easily turn into a large problem. Here are the top five symptoms that your Home Air Conditioning System needs to be serviced.

1) No cold air
This is one of the most obvious signs that you need to have your Air Conditioning system serviced. Some solutions to this involve adding refrigerant, cleaning the filter, checking the thermostat for any issues or checking the compressor for problems.

2) High Electricity Bill
During the summer months, your electricity bill is no doubt higher because you are running your air conditioning more. But, if your bill has some unusual spikes, an excessive bill could be a red flag that your AC unit is under stress, working harder and needs to be serviced. Having a simple problem like this fixed immediately could mean the difference between wasting or saving hundreds of dollars.

3) Air Conditioning Unit is making weird sounds
If you think your Air conditioning unit is making weird sounds, the fan could be on its last leg. When there is a problem with the fan, it may sound like it is very loud or even may be making a clanking sound. Always be aware of any strange noises coming from your Air Conditioning unit.

4) Air Conditioning Unit is Leaking Water
It is not normal to have puddles of water underneath your air conditioning unit. If water is leaking, this could mean that something is leaking, freezing or just not flowing properly. We can perform a quick visual inspection to check for leaks. This is a great way to prevent and avoid more costly problems in the future.

5) Your home air conditioning unit is 10 years old or more
Air Conditioning units do not last forever. Most units have a lifespan up to 10 -12 years depending on the quality of maintenance performed during its lifetime. Even if you have never had an issue with your home air conditioning before, it may be just the time to get the air conditioning unit serviced and inspected for possible problems. It’s better to have it done now, than wait for a costly repair to occur.

Home Air Conditioning systems need maintenance to stay in top condition and to keep running efficiently. Your Home Air Conditioning system should be inspected and checked at least twice a year to keep your home at a comfortable tempertature, your electricity bill normal and to easily avoid emergency repairs. Greenway Energy Management Services has been repairing and replacing home air conditioning systems in Salem VA, Roanoke Va and surrounding areas for years. Call us at 540.354.8598 or 540.389.1525 to schedule your air conditioning service today.today.